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check email using pop in your gmail account and send emails from the same account

2.  In settings, click on the “accounts and import” tab, and go to the section “Check mail using POP3”. Click on “Add a POP3 mail account you own”.

1.  in your gmail account, click on the settings button and choose “settings”

  1. 3. Follow the steps.  Remember that your user name is the ENTIRE email address, not just the word(s) before the @ symbol.  For example, my user name for the email is, not just sherpa.

The POP server is found in your webmail account (the original spot that this email can be logged onto).  I would also leaving a copy of the message on the server (first check box) and label the incoming messages (third checkbox). 

  1. 4. Test the account!  Send an email to this email address and wait to see if you get it in your mailbox!


  1. 5. Now set your “Send mail as” account using the new email address.  This is so that it looks like the professional email address is being used, not your gmail!  Follow the instructions, and then wait to get it verified.  Make sure that the “When replying to a message” options is set to “Reply from the same address the message was sent to”.