access a private blog by invitation

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1.  You will receive an email inviting you to the private blog.

3.  After clicking on the link, you will see this page from the blogger website.  If you are already a google and/or gmail user, click on the link to sign in and skip to step 4.  If you need to sign up as a google user, see the step 3a.  If you do not want to create an account, and simply view as a guest, click on “guest”.  This will only give you access for 1 month.  After 1 month, your invitation will expire and you must request access once more. 

already have google/gmail account?  click here.

want a google account?  click here.

guest one month access only?  click here.

3a.  This is what you will see if you are going to create a new google account.  Fill it out and press continue.

3b.  Once you click on continue, it will ask you to create your own blog.  You do not have to do this!  Your account has been created!  Simply move to step 4 to view website. 

4.  To view the website, write  in the address bar of the web browser.  You can now view the website!

3c.  Note that because this is a private blog, you will NOT see it in your bloglist/dashboard. You must enter to access it.

2.  Once you open the email, you will see in the message, a link to click to access the blog.  Click it.